CHARITABLE foundation "I'M FREE"


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CHARITABLE TRUST "I'M FREE" IS ACTIVELY HELPING HOMELESS ANIMALS by rescuing them from being abused, neglected and even killed.             
We also support people that care and save lives of these animals. 
rehomed >1000 animals
Our main mission is to find a loving home for our rescued animals 
trained >200 volunteers
We aim to set standards in volunteering by making it effective, pleasant and reliable.
held > 20 campaigns
We want people to recognise the importance of helping animals and how rewarding it can be. 
Olga Vatomskaja​, 
chairman of "I AM FREE" foundation


Our shelters are for - abandoned, vulnerable, suffered cruelty and neglect animals. For most people here in Russia, these animals are just a nuisance, outlaws that have no place amongst us. 

As a foundation our mission is that once we take an animal in to our care, we make sure that this animal undergoes full rehabilitation and recovery.  We aim to prepare this animal for their new life and find them their forever loving home, where they can forget all the pain they have suffered in the past. 

We would love the whole world to know about our foundation and about what we do. We think that only if we unite as a planet we can make a difference, we believe that animals do not have nationalities and they deserve to be loved and cared for wherever they are. We aim to make it a better place for them to live and feel loved. I sincerely hope you would want to join us in whatever way you can. Please support us. 

Our foundation organises various events such as fundraising, we rehabilitate those that are in need, we explain what  "kindness' is at schools. We are proud that our dogs and cats have found many loving homes, including in Germany and Finland. We work hard and we love what we do. However we need your help. Help from all over the world!