Volunteer – is a person who freely offers to do something for someone or works for an organisation for free. Every volunteer has their own families to take care of, hobbies, work, social and just spare time. And in this spare time they choose to help someone in need for free. Volunteers are an integral part of our foundation. Our volunteers help us in many aspects of our lifesaving an vital work across the board . We have volunteers that regularly come to our shelters and help with the maintenance, many offer their help with things like taking the dogs for a walk, help to relocate the animals, feed them, groom them, taking them to the vets, training etc. However, we also have volunteers that are unable to help physically in the shelters but play an equally important role in helping our foundation and its shelters by raising awareness in what we do, arranging fundraising events, helping with advertising and a lot more. Every role is very important to us and our success. We can never have enough of volunteers and would welcome anyone who is interested to help us and most importantly our animals. ​


Your generosity will mean that our shelters can go on caring for our animals in need and find them loving new homes. This means we can buy their food, bowls, toys. Keep our dogs an other animals warm, safe an well.

Here are some examples of our costs:

We pay about 12000 rubles (circa 160 EURO) for each stray dog to be caught, sterilised, assessed medically and tested socially. This sum of money enables us to prepare our dogs for rehoming. It gives them a chance to become a loved family member one day in future. 

We pay about 9000 Rubles (120 EURO) for each stray cat to be caught and similarly assessed. This also gives them a chance to be adopted in future.

Any amount donated by you today will get our animals closer to being a loving and loved family member some day in future. 

Also our shelters are always in need of the following supplies that you can buy direct from the pet stores: 

Pet food and treats 

Dog leads and collars, grooming items 

Flea and worming treatment  

Blankets, bedding, towels etc 

Dog and cat beds  

Latex gloves - all sizes 

Heavy duty aprons  

Training pads 

Dog nappies  


Cat litter trays  

Cat litter  

Dog and cat shampoos  

Various cleaning items for the shelter – brushes, buckets , bin bags for heavy duty, NON bleach cleaning detergents  

Paper towels  

Washing liquids and liquid soap 

Please contact Elena, to find out about our suppliers lists, that will be able to take your order and arrange a delivery or notify us of the collection.  

Fundraising can be fun and great way of getting involved with I AM FREE foundation wherever you are. 

You can organise your own event or join already running events near you. This is also a fantastic way of raising awareness about our foundation and about what we do. 

Here some of the examples of what people do to raise money: 

  • Make something and sell it for donations in the office 
  • Sell your unwanted items at car boot sale 
  • Charity car wash 
  • Competitions at work or with friends 
  • Get sponsored runs and other challenges  

 Whatever your idea is – make it a fun one!  

Please let us know if you would like some help with your idea! Or if you have one and you are about to make it happen!

Contact: Please contact Elena,

Make a difference by volunteering your skills with I AM FREE Foundation.  

Have you got professional experience in any of the areas listed below, we would love to hear from you: 

  • Digital 
  • Project management  
  • Advertising  
  • Journalism  
  • Media 

 We aim to set standards in what we do. So wherever you are based or whatever your reason for wanting to volunteer, we would love to hear from you. Your advice and skills will be highly appreciated. You will also become a part of something very important.  

Please contact Elena, for more information or any collaboration ideas.

Social media is a big part of our lives. It allows us to see what is happening on the other side of the world. It promotes projects, products, services.   

It connects like-minded people around the globe.  

Are you one of them? Would you like to become an ambassador for us where you live and help us to spread the word about what we do? Could you show people what we do and how we make history?  

 If so, we would love to hear from you. 

Please contact Elena, for more information  

Welcome a furry friend into your life by sponsoring one of our dogs. Please see full list of our lovely dogs in the catalogue. 

Monthly cost of keeping a dog at one of our shelters is around 5000 Rub (65 EURO) to 8000  Rub (100 EURO) per month.

We appreciate that not everyone are able to pay that much sponsorship per month however you can commit to any regular amounts per month for however long you want and choose one of our dogs to be sponsored. 

Although you may never be able to meet your sponsored dog in person we promise that we will make your virtual experience of sponsoring a dog as fulfilling as possible. Once you have chosen the dog you would like to sponsor we will keep you informed regularly about your sponsored friend by sending you videos, photos, quick updates etc.  

Main thing as well, we will let them know they are already part of someone else's life. They are already loved and cared for and that there is someone special thinking of them.